6 Ways to Repurpose your DOHM Bottles

Not sure what to do with all of your leftover DOHM bottles? You’ve come to the right place! At DOHM we take circularity seriously and help you make sure that the last drop of your skin care product is just the beginning of the container’s life. Before throwing your bottles in a recycling bin, we put together some ideas on how you can give them another life:

Repurposing your bottles helps reduce the amount of post consumer waste in the world, while allowing you to get creative and find new ways to use the things that you already have. What a fun way to save money and the earth at the same time!

Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose our bottles:

1. Spice Storage

Repurposed DOHM bottles are also great for storing spices. Since the jars are made from glass, you can easily see which spices are inside, making cooking a breeze. The citrus lavender scrub jars are also airtight containers, so your spices will be well preserved. The jars are a convenient and simple way to store spices in your pantry. 


2. Tiny Succulent Pots

A great way to reuse your DOHM bottles is by creating your own succulent planters. All you need is some soil, a tiny succulent, and a leftover DOHM jar. Plus, if you don’t want to buy a new succulent from the nursery, you can actually propagate your own using one of the leaves of one of your existing plants.


3. Dried Flower Decor

Flower picking in your neighborhood can be even nicer when you have a small vase for your flowers.  Our deodorant and healing mist bottles make great tiny vases that you can use to hold dried flowers and plants. They are especially good for those tiny flowers that are too small for a bouquet. 


4. DIY Candles

Making your own candles allows you to know every ingredient that goes into making them. Most candles are made with synthetic fragrances. Making your own candles allows you to use essential oils instead! All you need is a DOHM scrub bottle, soy wax from your local craft store, dried flowers or fruit peels, essential oil and a cotton or wooden wick. 

To get started, just melt the wax in a pot over low heat. While it is warming up, pour any dried flowers or fruits of your choice into your jar. Once the wax is melted, add your essential oil of choice and give the wax a small stir. Then, dip the bottom of your wick into the wax. Use the wax to stick the wick to the bottom of the jar. Now, you can pour the wax into the jar, leaving about a quarter inch of space at the top of the jar. Then you can stabilize your wick by wrapping it around a pencil or using a hair clip to keep it centered. This will also keep your wick from sinking too far into the wax. Once the wax sets, you can start using your new candle! 

These candles make great gifts and are an adorable way to reuse your empty jars.

5. Plant and Fresh Herb Propagation

A great way to reduce your waste is by minimizing the food that you throw out. It is possible to bring new life to your herbs and plants by simply putting them in water. If you have the rooted end of a green onion that you used in last night's dinner, just put it in a glass bottle filled with water and watch it grow. In about 2-3 days you should begin to see new growth appear. Propagating allows you to start a small herb or plant garden with what you already have at home. 


6. Low Waste Picnics

When going to a picnic, you can either buy pre made foods packed in plastic or make your own and use small to-go containers. Your emptied DOHM bottles are actually great for storing foods like spreads, sauces or nuts on picnics. You can use your citrus lavender scrub jar to hold homemade jam or your matcha oil bottle to store dressings to put on a salad or bread.  

We hope that these ideas inspire you to reuse your glass bottles at home. The suggestions above are only the beginning of a long list of ways that you can use your DOHM bottles, so we encourage you to get creative. If you find a unique way to use your bottles, tag or email us, we would love to share your repurposing ideas as well.

If you feel like there is no use for your empty bottles at home, we are happy to send you a shipping label so that you can return the bottles to us. You need to collect 4+ DOHM containers to be able to send it back to us, and we will wash them and reuse them once we get them back! Please email us at contact@dohmliving.com with a picture of your 4+ bottles and the address where you want to ship the bottles from and we will provide you with a label. 

6 Ways to Repurpose your DOHM Bottles