DOHM: Final Remarks

I created DOHM with only one desire in mind: to live my life fully doing what I love: connecting to plant medicines and providing my recipes to people that, like me, love this planet and want to do better. I started this journey bravely and on my own when I had no job security and knew I was no longer willing to sell my labour and time to a mission I did not align with.

Our bodies are temples, not machines. DOHM was a little seed planted to help me respect my body and the earth; I made myself a promise to keep my integrity and practice work that honors environmental and social justice, instead of fueling systems of power and profit-only operations. l needed to make this seed grow and bloom, which l did with the help of a beautiful team that I am eternally grateful for.

As my first business, I had a lot to learn on my journey. With no business background, I was not aware of the consequences of accepting someone’s help in good faith and the legal battles that ensue. With that, I trusted to accept help from someone who l thought aligned with and knew from the getgo what DOHM stood for: a small, super sustainable business of products made by me, with love, for you. I trusted this person had the intentions to help me grow DOHM to fully sustain my living, and expand the number of people I could impact with my recipes.

As I mentioned, my values are strong, and I made a promise to never sell my labour again in the name of power, greed or patriarchal systems. My goals for DOHM were to grow it enough to pay for my living, so that I could reinvest its profits in education and sustainability. Profits from DOHM were meant to go to THE PEOPLE who need it, the products, the content, and to the protection of our environment.

I had to make the very hard choice to close this business to stand for my values. DOHM is not big enough to give anyone a profit, but if it ever did, I could not risk its profit being divested from social and environmental justice to be instead directed to individual profit.

DOHM’s website will be live for another month, and you are welcome to stock up on any products you love and email me if you want a product custom made or want to hear more about my next steps. Our email is also changing for this time to

I am still alive, I still exist and I will keep resisting and living in the foundation of joy, honoring nature, and trusting my journey. I hope we can keep connected. Thank you for supporting my work and being here. This is not an end, but a new beginning. I would love to keep connected, so please send me a message in my personal email if you can.

With love & gratitude,


DOHM: Final Remarks