What Does Sustainable Sourcing Mean to DOHM?

At DOHM, sustainability is not just a buzzword.

For us, caring for the earth is not just something that we think about occasionally or do when it is convenient. It is deep rooted in the foundation of what we believe: honoring the earth with everything we do.

But what is sustainability anyway and why does it matter? Check out our:

  • Sustainability definition
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Why it’s important 

What is Sustainability?

Our definition of sustainability uses a holistic approach. To us, sustainability is acknowledging we live in an interconnected system where all of our actions have an impact. This means that we consider the potential impacts that our products might have on people, animals, the planet, and everything else that inhabits the world with us.

Our sustainability mission stems from our desire to ensure that our existence on earth will have a positive, rather than negative impact. To do this, we strive for a closed loop cycle in which the things that we borrow from the earth are later returned. This means we ensure that when we return things to the earth, they are in a condition that will improve conditions and keep the earth clean rather than causing harm to land, water bodies, and air. By working towards a closed cycle, our goal is that the impact we leave on the earth will be as positive as possible.

Closing the loop and minimizing our impact allows us to address the injustices that arise from the waste we create. Did you know that the majority of American waste is shipped overseas for poorer nations as a method of “disposal?” Most of the time, these countries are unable to properly treat and dispose of our waste, so it ends up being burned or dumped in the ocean. Burning the waste creates hazardous air conditions and trash filled cities. These poor living conditions result in health issues for the majority of these nations’ populations. The saddest part is that these people often contribute the least to the pollution, yet are faced with the worst consequences

Our goal is to close the loop so no waste comes out of our production process. This will help us improve life on earth for us, while assuring we don’t contribute to the environmental injustices caused by the current wasteful systems in which companies generally operate. 

Ingredient Sourcing

In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we consider the impacts of our products from various points in their life cycles. From the time our ingredients are being grown, to the time that they decompose into the earth, our sustainability mission is to create products that follow the cycles of nature, going back to the last as food, rather than waste. 

Sustainably Sourced

Minimizing our impact starts with our ingredients. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced. But what exactly does that mean? Well, we have created partnerships with suppliers who use specially developed regenerative agricultural practices.

Regenerative agriculture is a type of farming that utilizes the natural growth processes of plants. By harnessing the natural capabilities of plants to grow, regenerative farming creates rich soil, reduces water demand, and improves biodiversity within the soil. In comparison to modern large-scale farming practices, regenerative farming works to close the carbon cycle. Closing the cycle reduces the amount of carbon gas that is released into the atmosphere, which helps to minimize the global warming potential of farming.

We also use local, small businesses as suppliers whenever possible. Small businesses are generally less wasteful and resource consuming than large corporations. Family-owned businesses generally require less energy and water in their production processes since they use less intense equipment. At DOHM, since our products are all handcrafted, our production requires minimal machinery and energy. Similarly, the businesses that we support for our sourcing, are less resource intensive than larger companies. By sourcing our ingredients locally, negative environmental impacts are greatly reduced. Since many of the ingredients are locally grown, particularly those in our Citrus Lavender Scrub, shipping them is much less polluting and they require less protective packaging. Supporting these local, small-scale stores and farms reduces pollution and supports the conservation of natural resources. 

We are always open to working with local suppliers and especially would love to prioritize BIPOC and women suppliers and farmers. If you are interested in a partnership, please reach out to us at contact@dohmliving.com. We would love to hear from you.

Ethically Sourced

The majority of the ingredients that we use in our supply chain are also ethically sourced. To ensure that our products promote environmental justice, most of our ingredients are derived from farms that foster equity and value the wellbeing of their employees. Purchasing ingredients from small businesses ensures that the items we use in our products are directly contributing to the livelihoods of individuals and families. We work to be aware if the farmers who tend to the fields are paid livable wages and have adequate working conditions. 

Sustainability and ethical practices often go hand in hand. We cannot care for the earth without caring for the inhabitants as well. By sourcing our ingredients from environmentally minded suppliers and taking time to better understand our suppliers processes, we are working towards a healthy future for people, animals, and the planet. 

Why is it Important?

In our modern consumerist society, we often forget that even our smallest actions can have large negative impacts. Purchasing snacks that are wrapped in plastic, or opting for a cheap garment rather than a more expensive one are often decisions that we make without realizing how they might affect others. That plastic chip bag will likely end up contributing to somebody’s health problems in an impoverished community, and the cheaper shirt was likely made by an individual who is not paid enough to afford their next meal. Ethical consumption helps us take care of our health and the environment, while also considering the safety of other communities and animals we could be indirectly affecting. 

At DOHM, we aim to improve the quality of living for all people by caring for the earth. Our love for the earth and sustainability is equally as strong as our love for people and our desire to ensure that all individuals are able live a healthy life. We believe that in order to protect the earth, we need to protect the communities that are most vulnerable to climate injustices first. We are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability and combat injustice, and hope you are inspired to do the same.

This is WHY DOHM. 

What Does Sustainable Sourcing Mean to DOHM?