Rosemary Lavender Everything Bar (Artist Series | Sabs Katz)


DOHM has collaborated with sustainability blogger Sabs Katz of Sustainable Sabs and Intersectional Environmentalist to create a limited edition Olive Oil Everything Bar. This bar has the same base formula of our best seller bar, and serves the purpose of a shampoo, soap, and face wash.

What is different?

- Lavender + Rosemary scented
This bar is made with lavender, homegrown rosemary, purple cornflower + essential oils
Amazing for sensitive scalp, curly hair, and dry skin, the use of purple cornflower and fresh rosemary gently exfoliates scalp and body, helping skin regenerate and renew. 
- Featured ingredients: Organic Purple Corn, Homegrown Rosemary, Spirulina.

 Sabs (@sustainablesabsadvocates for sustainable living through the low impact movement, social activism, plant-based eating, minimalism, ethical + secondhand fashion, conscious consumerism, and personal health + wellness. She is also a co-founder of Intersectional Environmentalist.

Part of the proceeds of this bar will be donated to Adabi Healing Shelter.

This bar is hand cut and weights approximately 4oz. 


 Rub the soap in your hands under running water in the shower and apply to your face, body and hair. 

We recommend giving your hair more than a day in between washes and doing a classic apple vinegar rinse after using the Olive Oil Everything Bar for noticeably invigorated hair. 


Saponified Organic Oils of Olive, Coconut, Grape Seed and Sesame, Organic Purple Corn Flour, Homegrown Rosemary, Essential Oils of Lavender and Rosemary, and Organic Spirulina. 

after life

Canvas bag is made from organic, U.S. grown cotton. Please reuse the bag or recycle it with other fibers. 



Handcrafted in small batches with responsibly sourced ingredients.



Vegan + compostable ingredients that are infinitely good for you and the earth.



Zero-single-use-plastic and minimal packaging that can be recycled or composted.