Free (Carbon Neutral) Shipping Over $25

We believe in returning everything we borrow from the earth.


Non synthetic + Organic + Local + Low Waste

We don’t use any synthetics. Every single one of our ingredients exists in its unrefined form on earth, which helps us assure these ingredients will not harm our bodies, as they have been used for centuries for health and skin. 

We use 80% organic ingredients, and source as local as we can. And all our ingredients are compostable and biodegradable*! 

 *Compostable means you could add it to your composting bin and it would degrade naturally. Biodegradable means you can use anything from DOHM while camping for example, and know that none of our products will be polluting the water, air or land. From the earth, back to the earth!



Zero Single Use plastic. Reuse, Bring it back to us, and recycle if needed

Bottles: We get materials to us with the smallest amount of packaging possible, and use glass bottles with metal caps (to avoid adding sprayers to the pile of single use plastic that already exists in most of our routines).  

Our glass bottles can be recycled or reused, but we encourage returning them to us! The options are:

1. Bring it to us in one of our pop-ups; 

2. Return it in one of our stores; 

3. Ship them back to us! Once you accumulate 6+ bottles,  email us for a free shipping label!



We ship with recycled materials.

This means our boxes, fillers, cardboard and paper are reused or recycled. 

In order to dispose of the cardboard, you can recycle it (our tape is also recyclable, so you don’t have to remove it.). You can also compost it!

To recycle the  cotton fiber,  either compost or recycle at a fabric recycling facility (if you have access to one, take advantage of it!). 

Thank you for being part of our zero waste journey!