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   DOHM began as a result of years of cooking for myself using pure ingredients straight from the earth. Nature has been producing food for us since the beginning of human history, and I didn’t understand why we would make an attempt to modify that.My commitment to consuming food directly from the earth spurred me to live a minimalist, zero-waste life in harmony with the environment. 

   This commitment to consuming what the earth provides and giving back in a similar way made me realize I should be taking a higher level of care in what I use on my skin. I couldn’t find waste-free products that were as simple and unprocessed as I needed, so I was inspired to create my own.

   Using my background in design, I launched into a period of study where I examined the most effective skincare solutions and translated them into earth-based recipes. I built a library of Brazilian herbs and remedies that reconnected me to my home. I honored what I learned through Ayurveda in my personal studies. Through trial (and error) on my own skin, I created a few homemade recipes that were all I needed to fulfill my skincare needs year-round. Even better, my skin felt so much healthier than when I used more complex, processed alternatives. 

   My friends and family members saw the difference and continuously cleaned out my personal supply. So, I started making my skincare recipes for them to take home with them. My products are still handmade, and I love sharing with my community what is now DOHM as a way to exchange, live, and encourage a simple life with less time worrying about changing nature, and more time spent enjoying it.


DOHM Founder and CEO