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  DOHM was created in an effort to make sustainable skincare products accessible and easy. Every product we sell means we have avoided the purchase of a chemical alternative which will persist for years in our waste stream. 

  I am Dominique Flaksberg, the founder and CEO of DOHM. Something clicked in my mind during a hot summer in 2017 on a Chinatown balcony. At the time, I was in college, and I was doing my best to consume with awareness and to use as little plastic as possible and to purchase from small businesses like the farmer’s market. On this particular afternoon, I had decided to dye my hair. Bleach, rinse, condition, dye. Simple enough. But was it? I was on the balcony because the fumes were too toxic for me to handle inside and my scalp was burning. 

  Why was I doing this to myself? How could I possibly be allowed to purchase these products to begin with?

  I looked at my bathroom and all of my products were in plastic containers. I read the fine print for the millionth time and continued not understanding what these unpronounceable ingredients were. I wanted an alternative. And I couldn’t find one… Over 2 years of trial (and error) on my own skin, I created a few homemade recipes that were all I needed to fulfill my skincare needs year-round. Even better, my skin felt so much healthier than when I used more complex, processed alternatives. 

  I never meant to start a brand. I began creating formulas and recipes for my own selfcare needs. But all too quickly coworkers and friends began asking if they too couldn’t have a little bit of my products. And the thought of just one less plastic bottle or one more person consuming a clay based scrub instead of a chemical alternative brought me so much joy, that I went for it. 

  Today, DOHM is just over one year old and my dreams are coming true. Check out our sustainability page and find out how DOHM is starting a skincare revolution.


DOHM Founder and CEO