meet DOHM

Our Story

    It was a hot summer in 2017. I was sitting in my Chinatown balcony when something clicked in my mind. On that particular afternoon, I had decided to dye my hair. Bleach, rinse, condition, dye. Simple enough. But was it? I was on the balcony because the fumes were too toxic for me to handle inside and my scalp was burning.

     Why was I doing this to myself? How could I possibly be allowed to purchase these products to begin with? I looked at my bathroom and all of my products were in plastic containers. I read the fineprint for the millionth time and continued not understanding what these unpronounceable ingredients were. I wanted an alternative for my body that was as good as the food I was trying to eat: organic, local, free of synthetics. For a while I couldn’t find one…

         Over 2 years of trial (and error) on my own skin later, I created a few homemade recipes that were all I needed to fulfill my skincare needs year-round. Even better, my skin felt so much healthier than when I used more complex, processed alternatives.

         I never meant to start a brand. I began creating formulas and recipes for just myself. But soon my coworkers and friends began asking to buy the products I was making. And the thought of just one fewer plastic bottle or one less person putting chemicals into their skin on a daily basis brought me so much joy, that I went for it.

         Today, DOHM is just over one year old and my dreams are coming true. DOHM was created to fulfill a need no other brand was able to fulfill: personal care products that were clean and honest, inside and out.

Dominique Flaksberg
To find out how DOHM is starting a personal care revolution, check out our For the Earth’ page!

Our Founder

         Dominique uses design as a tool to rethink the way we live, striving for the health of humans and everything else that lives on this planet. She believes design can be part of the change for a better world, and applies circular economy and responsible practices into everything she does.

         She focuses her work on education and sustainable impact awareness. Her favorite days are spent barefoot on grass, making food from scratch and enjoying picnics with her friends.